A label for your studies

Le Sphinx team brings together experienced and reactive project managers who have proven experience in the fields of studies, statistics, marketing and social sciences in order to meet your expectations.

In addition to these know-how, we benefit from a network of partners who can act as specialists in highly specialized methodologies or as consultants in specific business sectors.

We use Sphinx's data analysis and survey solutions and their latest developments, and apply innovative collection and analysis technologies while combining two methodological approaches: qualitative (focus group, in-depth interviews, observation , experimentation, ...) and quantitative.

As a consultancy and expertise center for data collection and analysis, Sphinx takes charge of all or some parts of your study, according to your needs.

Provision of research

Entrust us with your projects!

Le Sphinx team intervenes at every stage of your project:

Methodology definition and elaboration of your survey 

Optimal dissemination of your survey via appropriate media

Rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis to guide your decisions

Establishiment of collaborative information sharing platforms

Le Sphinx is distinguished by its methodological and technological competences as well as its approach combining quantitative and qualitative techniques.


Our team of project managers mobilizes new protocols on a daily basis to stimulate the interest of respondents, to go further in analyzing your data and to deliver clear and operational results.

Our commitment: to ensure a professional response to your projects, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones, in keeping with your expectations and deadlines.

Accompaniment of projects

Optimize the use of your software through our support!

When setting up a survey, from the simplest to the most specific ones, we offer a personalized support of a specialist in the key stages of your choice.

Thanks to his personalized advice, you have control over your project and gain confidence and knowledge that will make you autonomous in surveys implementation and data analysis.

Accompaniment is done by telephone and email, in personalized sessions and through a remote access to your computer.

Le Sphinx team accompanies you at every stage of your project :

Help with setting the questionnaire: setting scales, scores, random rotations of images, quiz design ...

Assistance in dissemination and collection: publication of your survey, programming of your first emailing campaign and management of reminders, reorganization, merger of surveys ...

Help with the analysis parameters: realization of custom tables, importance-performance matrix, textual analysis, calculation of automatic variables, multi-varied analysis ...

Methodological advice: from the questionnaire design to the interpretation of the results

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